ABF Grain Products Limited is committed to ensuring that its website is accessible and inclusive to all users. Therefore, this site has been designed and built to follow guidelines laid down by the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA, Part III).

The guidelines include:

  • Using meaningful ALT text for informational images
  • Using descriptive hyperlink text whilst warning of link actions
  • Providing a full sitemap to aid navigation
  • Providing navigational short cuts for users of text only browsers and page readers
  • Using an easy to see web colour scheme, tested against protanope, deuteranope, and tritanope colour-blindness
  • Using an easy to read font type and colour
  • Avoiding the use of frames, which are difficult for special browsers to interpret
  • To enlarge text If you want to alter the size of the text displayed on this site you can change the option in your Internet browser.

ABF Grain Products Limited have designed and built its website to operate on a wide range of browser technologies. Below is a list of browsers the site has been tested in.

PC operating systems:
Internet Explorer (7+)
Mozilla Firefox (3+)
Google Chrome

Mac operating systems:
Safari (4+)
Mozilla Firefox (3+)